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    News — jewelry for little girls

    Flower Girl Jewelry

    Weddings are a big part of life. Whether you’re the one getting married, or someone close to you, being involved in a wedding in general is something you should be grateful for and honored to be a part of. But we know that we’re all too old to be the flower girl! If you have a daughter who’s the perfect age to be a flower girl and has recently been asked to be in someone’s wedding, you’ll have to start shopping for gorgeous flower girl jewelry!

    It can be stressful to find the perfect little girl’s jewelry for your princess, but rest assured that when you look at all of the colorful and unique jewelry we have online at Lily Nily, your job will be much easier. It’s simple to find exactly what you’re looking for! We have all types of little girl’s jewelry that you’ll love to have your princess wear.

    Choose from dangle flower earrings to a gold bangle bracelet; we have it all! Plus, knowing that all of the little girl’s jewelry you buy from us here at Lily Nily is made with 18k plated gold, you can rest easy at night. Your little girl will not only wear this special jewelry on a day to remember for a couple who is in love, but she’ll be able to wear it whenever she feels like dressing up! Find the perfect heart shaped or wedding appropriate jewelry online with us today!

    Buy Your Princess A Birthday Gift!

    Do you have a little girl with a birthday coming up? When you’re a little girl, birthdays are a huge deal. Not only does this special day mean that you get to be spoiled, but you’ll be the princess of the day, week and sometimes even month. If you’re a parent of a little girl who has a birthday coming up, be sure you spoil her with gifts that she’ll love!

    We make it easy because great little girls jewelry can be bought from Lily Nily! Online with us you’ll be able to find every type of jewelry for little girls possible. From independent style necklaces to bangle bracelets, we have it all.

    One of our more popular pieces of jewelry is our bow bangles. These bangle bracelets have one simple yet cute bow on them, and they come in many different styles and colors! Whether your little girl loves sparkle or is more of a plain Jane, there’s a bow bangle for each growing young lady.  The cost of each bow bangle is $50. If you think that this bangle bracelet is too much to spend, think again! These bracelets are made with 18k gold-plated brass and enamel to ensure that they last for years to come. Best of all, they’re small enough for your little girl’s wrist! They are 2 inches in diameter and their circumference is 5.75 inches.

    Shop with Lily Nily online now to find a bow bangle that your little princess will love to receive on her birthday!

    Matching Sunglasses Delight!

    Christmas is well on its way, which only means that it’s about time you find the perfect girls charm bracelet for your little one! Young girls everywhere are starting to figure out what they’re personalities are and what type of jewelry they love the most. If you’re looking to make your little girl the happiest in the world, it’s time to start shopping for little girls’ jewelry online with Lily Nily.

    A popular charm bracelet that many girls love to wear is the Sunglasses Link Bracelet. For a small cost of $40.00, you’ll be able to give your little girl a gift that she’ll love! This small charm bracelet clasps together with a lobster claw and features high polish 18k gold plating that will make any little girl feel fancy. Pink sunglasses are the centerpiece of this charm bracelet, accompanied by purple flowers surrounded by light pink and white hearts.

    If you think your little girl will love a bracelet with sunglasses, she may just love a matching pendant necklace. We have a Sunglasses Pendant necklace for $35.00, and it matches perfectly with the Sunglasses Link Bracelet. This pendant is also crafted in 18k gold overlay with high polished finish and comes with a 14” chain length, including a 2” extension.

    To find the perfect gift for your little girl, shop our jewelry selection online at LIly Nily. We’re currently offering free shipping to all 50 states, so hurry in today!

    Why Buy Little Girls' Jewelry Online?

    Finding little girls’ jewelry can be hard. There aren’t many places where you can find a variety of little girls jewelry like you can online at Lily Nily. In fact, because buying for little girls can be impossible this time of year, we want to give you the low down on why you should consider buying all of your little girls’ jewelry online from Lily Nily, instead of at a mall.


    The selection is much bigger when you shop online. You can find exactly what you’re looking for with the click of a few buttons! Look for something specific or search by color. Whatever you’re searching for, we know that you’ll be able to find it at Lily Nily.


    If you don’t have time to drop by a local store on your way home, or you’re always in the company of your children, shopping for little girls’ jewelry online will be much more convenient for you. You can take your time, find exactly what you want and have it shipped right to your front door! In fact, everything ships free from Lily Nily this holiday season!


    Prices aren’t as expensive online. This only means one thing, you’ll be able to buy more! What’s better than finding little girls’ jewelry for a price that is right? Nothing! When you buy from a local retailer, you’ll have to deal with suppliers and high-end jewelry prices. We want to help save you money, as well as provide your little girl with high end fashion jewelry she’ll love to wear!


    If you’re always trying to find exclusive styles or unique pieces, there’s no better place to do so than at an online jewelry boutique. Lily Nily can deliver the unique little girls jewelry you’re after, at a price that’s right! Shop through collections you know your little girl will love, and enjoy choosing from a unique range of inventory that’s not accessible in local retail stores.

    What Our Experts Are Saying

    It’s much easier to shop online for exactly what you want. Sure, you can speak with sales associates at a retail store for assistance, but they usually can’t give you the details you’re looking for. We can guarantee that you’ll get all of the details and specs about the product you’re buying just by visiting the product page! It’s easy! With detailed product descriptions and shopping guides, there’s no reason you should pass up shopping online for little girls’ jewelry.

    What are you waiting for? Check out all of the amazing little girls’ jewelry that we have to offer here at Lily Nily, and contact us with any questions or concerns about any of our jewelry products!